Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental

Safety as a Core Value

cevre_engENERGIS believe that each part of us must give HSE issues the same amount of attention, effort and importance that is placed on production, service, quality cost and morale. While priorities shift based upon the needs of the business, core values do not change. This is consistent with our approach that safety is our number on ethic and will not be compromised.

ENERGIS QHSE Management System

Energis business operating model is based on the solid QHSE Management System. This structure allows for “systematic” control, corrections and improvements. The structure allows comparisons, bridging efforts and especially audits. Bridging efforts refers to the process of comparing one MS to another with the aim of ensuring compatibility. The 10 elements of Energis QHSE MS is also to provide the framework and tools to manage evolving Quality, Health, Safety and Environment issue quickly and easily while meeting a high standard of QHSE performance and the expectations of both our clients and regulatory authorities. Our goals are simple – We do not want any employees, contractor and visitors to get injured, we do not want any damage to the equipment and we do not want to harm the environment.

The 10 Elements in ENERGIS QHSE Management System:Health and safety

  • Commitment and Leadership
  • Policies and Objective
  • Organization, Standards and Guidelines
  • Contractor Management
  • Risk Assessment
  • Management of Change
  • Implementation and Process
  • Performance monitoring and Improvements
  • Audits
  • Management review