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Consultation, Inspection & Engineering Analysis

  • QAQC Consultant for Completion Upstream operations.
  • QAQC Consultant for Drilling Upstream operations.
  • NDT Third Party Inspector
  • Rig and Equipment Inspections and evaluations.
  • Drilling and Completions Wellsite Consultant.
  • Directional Drilling & Measurement/Logging While Drilling Consultation.
  • Completion Design, engineering and implementation.
  • Fishing Tool Hand.


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Completion Equipment & Services

  • Control Lines – VDP (Ongoing)*
  • Completion Well Control Tools
  • Slick-line Tools and Operators
  • Fishing Tools and Experts
  • Bumper Rings, Bolsters & Thread Protectors
  • Low Torque & TIW Valve Maintenance
  • HP & HV Pressure Testing Modules

*Through our capabilities and expertise in upstream completion, Energis are progressing ourselves towards PETRONAS Vendor Development Program (VDP), developing and manufacturing High Pressure Hydraulics Control Line for downhole completion application. We will bring highly engineered solutions to your reservoir management challenges. proven, long-term permanent installations and worldwide acceptance demonstrate the ability of these systems to provide complete isolation of electrical components from well fluids. We are committed to providing reliable connectors and meta clad instrument cables that withstand severe downhole conditions prior to shipment. Every system is tested to its full rating to ensure that all products delivered to the field meet or exceed their design criteria. Metal clad instrument cables are subjected to comprehensive testing, include shear strength, crush resistance, thermo-mechanical and abrasion resistance, hydrostatic pressure and water-tightness.


[su_tab title=”Drilling Equipment & Services”]

Drilling Equipment & Services

  • MWD and LWD Stabbing Guide
  • Directional Drilling & Measurement While Drilling Services*
  • Well Delivery Integrated Solutions Services*
  • Drilling & Workover Equipment** including:
    1. Drilling Rigs – Offshore and Land (Please see attachment for rig details and specs)
    2. Hoisting System Components
    3. Circulating System Components
    4. Rotating System Components

*Through our expertise in drilling consultation and operations, energis is forming a strategic partnership with an international drilling service company to merge into an alliance of the first full local DD/MWD company. To fulfil the current demand of Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) and small & marginal field, Energis has addressed the challenge and strive to provide an economical and reliable solutions to our customer through full integrated solutions from drilling, testing, wireline, drilling rig, mud logging, fluid and completion.

Drilling Equipment & Services1
** Through our strategic collaboration with QBS Supply (Est 1994) based in Houston, Colombia, Ecuador, and Chile, we are capable to supply wide range of drilling and workover equipment, that includes complete rigs, solids control equipment, duplex/triplex mud pumps, BOP’s, swivels, blocks, hooks, rotary tables, handling tools, new tooth and Tungsten Carbide (TCI) rock bits and an assortment of related equipment from the world’s leading manufactures.

Drilling Equipment & Services2

Log on to www.qbssupply.com for more details products.


[su_tab title=”Asset Management & Inventory Solutions”] Warehouse-Asset-Magmnt

Asset Management & Inventory Solutions

Energis has undergone some intensive studies with effective remedial work plans to help our customer managing and maintaining their assets. This will certainly provide a huge value to the customer such as saving unnecessary costs, SQ improvements, and increasing the efficiency of client’s operation. From our study and observation, Malaysia’s main oil operators have ‘abandoned’ a lot of assets and surplus equipment scattered at every contractor warehouse without a proper maintenance, asset tracking and proper storage. The loss of monetary value through this over-site is staggering.

Energis estimates the surplus equipment that has been left unmaintained could exceed 250Million USD. Lack of maintenance and storage of equipment, especially in an caustic environment like Malaysia will lead rapid deterioration of affected material which sentences the assets to the junk yard and a huge loss in revenue by selling for junk what could have been recycled and repurposed. The whole scenario here could have been totally avoided if proper inventory and maintenance were in place.

Energis offers a comprehensive service enabling our client to manage all your assets effectively and efficiently under one roof. Our secured footprint is strategically located near our client facilities in Malaysia. Energis will maintain, inspect and manage our clients asset storage. We will apply our own systemic expertise in inspection and asset management to keep equipment up to date and relevant. This will maintain value and minimize overspending, or unnecessary redundant costs. NPT due to lack of low level maintenance and awareness will be reduced drastically. Location and mobilization of equipment will improve. A better evaluation of equipment that can be saved, re-used or repurposed and sold as second tier equipment to smaller operators can be realized. Reduction in rental costs will also be realized if tools are chronicled and easily recalled for service. Expensive and exotic tubular can be re-evaluated and re used within reduced capacity limitations.

With the money saved from not buying new unneeded equipment, Client savings could be staggering, not to mention the many people that will be gainfully employed in the effort and the stress taken off the environment and our natural resourses. It is a case of everyone doing something small to achieve something great.. Our custom designed online, interfaced Inventory Management System (IMS) will help the client to systematically and efficiently manage their assets worry free.


[su_tab title=”Marginal Field and Enhanced Oil Recovery (EORC) Solutions”]
Marginal Field and Enhanced Oil Recovery (EORC) Solutions

Total of 106 Marginal Field worth 580Million Barrels. PETRONAS plans to develop 25 marginal field under Risk Sharing Contract (RSC). Under a strategic partnership with a local partner and an international player, Energis are working on to venture into Marginal Field business.

Marginal Field and Enhanced Oil Recovery (EORC) Solutions

As for EORC, Energis are committed to seek for an integrated economical and reliable performance for our clients. We are currently engaging with a proven international company to form a strategic partnership and leading a way to provide excellent services to our customer through Energis’ touch and expertise in operation management and consultation.